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Wooden Rose Workshop


 - Everlasting Wooden Rose -


Capture the eternal beauty of a rose using natural high-quality wood with the warmth of handcrafting. Paired with an elegant "Japanese-style wooden" vase. Your heartfelt gesture becomes a unique and heartwarming finished product.


Experience Details:

  • Easy DIY, materials can make approximately 1 small wooden rose

  • Includes 1 "Japanese-style wooden vase"

  • Personalization option to engrave names or letters on the wood

  • Provides natural fragrance spray for a soothing and relaxing effect on the rose


Finished Product Dimensions:

Rose: Approximately 6cm long, 6cm wide, 20cm high
Vase: Approximately 3.5cm long, 3.5cm wide, 15cm high



  • Actual duration may vary depending on individual, typically around 2.5 hours

  • $580 per person

  • Groups of six or more can choose their preferred date.

The Next Class Date: TBC

Registration Deadline: TBC

WhatsApp Registration: 66871581 

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